Omnisports: Durability, Design, Performance and Safety

TK Volleyball Finds the Winning Combination with Their New Sports Floor

For athletes who play volleyball, to perform at the highest level they need a sports floor that meets the challenge.

TK Volleyball needed a new facility to accommodate the demands of the Roswell, GA community. They required a centralized location as well as a facility that was large enough to handle their growing business. After choosing the right location, they turned their focus on the most important aspect of their new facility – the sports floor.

TK Volleyball athletes play 10 to 15 tournaments a year and practice daily to perfect their skills. Their old sports floor did not provide adequate shock absorption, comfort or safety, which are necessary for repetitive motion activities like jumping, diving and rolling. As a result, many athletes suffered injuries, such as Patellar tendinitis (jumper’s knee), and experienced long-term, lingering effects.

Their new sports floor had to combine durability, design, performance, and safety; withstand continuous foot traffic; and fit their budget. Optimism soon grew into frustration as none of the products they researched met their demands. But they were determined to find the right floor for their new facility.

The Solution for TK Volleyball

Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports 7.1 mm in golden and red maple exceeded their expectations

The sports floor that took TK Volleyball to the next level was Tarkett Sports’ Class 2-rated Omnisports 7.1 mm sports floor.

All Volleyball players deserve a floor they can count on. Omnisports 7.1 mm is a high performance sports floor with Class 2 shock absorption and meets all the requirements for ball rebound, vertical deformation, and surface finish effect required per ASTM F2772, the U.S. sports flooring standard. Omnisports is engineered to help every athlete play the best, safest game.

Omnisports was the perfect choice for TK Volleyball. Its shock absorption values delivered the safety and cushioning they needed to help reduce injuries commonly associated with volleyball. The surface of Omnisports has a permanent polyurethane treatment that provides optimal surface friction and safety for volleyball athletes.

For TK Volleyball, Omnisports’ unlimited design possibilities truly appealed to them. The golden and red maple woodgrain colors they chose were exactly what they were looking for.

With Omnisports, TK Volleyball succeeded in combining durability, design, performance, and safety.


"These athletes go to 10-15 tournaments a year in their teenage years and they're playing on concrete floors with plastic court on it. They're just taking rep after rep and everything's a jump, everything's a dive and a roll. This takes its toll. Once they’re in College, they’re 17-18 years old, having to go to physical therapy every day; their knees are shot, their shoulders are shot, they’re just tired.”

Timothy W. Sanchez, Director of Facilities and Technologies at TK Volleyball

"This floor is awesome, it’s amazing, it’s resilient, you can play volleyball on it all day. We get more compliments about the flooring than about anything else. Everything we did here was evaluating the safety of the athlete long-term. That is what drove us to choosing Omnisports at TK Volleyball."

Timothy W. Sanchez, Director of Facilities and Technologies at TK Volleyball

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