Tarkett Cares: Offering Hope to a Local Community

Crane Eater Community Church needed a new facility to accommodate the activities for the community of Calhoun, Gordon County, GA. Tarkett Sports, in conjunction with Tarkett Cares, stepped in to provide hope for members of their community.

The church knew there would have to be budgetary sacrifices made to allow them to build something that could be used for the entire community. Their existing building wasn’t structurally safe and they needed to act fast to build a bigger church to meet the demands of their community.

After much of the new facility was complete, they realized that they would not have the budget for a multipurpose sports floor.

The Tarkett Cares Initiative Helps the Crane Eater Community’s Dream Come True

Tarkett Sports Donates Omnisports 6.5 mm in Golden, Blue and Red Maple to Crane Eater Community Church

Using the Tarkett Cares initiative of giving back to the community, Tarkett Sports donated approximately 10,000 square feet of Omnisports 6.5 mm to Crane Eater Community Church to ensure the community had a state-of-the-art multipurpose sports floor that provided safety, durability, performance and design.

In addition to housing residents during natural disasters, the new Crane Eater Community Church is used for after-school programs where students participate in basketball, volleyball, badminton, rock climbing and other activities like movie nights. The facility offers a safe environment as well as safe flooring for physical activity for community residents.

Omnisports was the perfect multipurpose solution for Crane Eater Community Church. Its shock absorption value delivers the cushioning needed to play safely and for longer periods of time, and provides multipurpose durability for hosting community events.

The design created with Omnisports flooring truly appealed to the church. The golden, blue and red maple woodgrain design was exactly what they were looking for.

With the Tarkett Cares initiative, Omnisports provided Crane Eater Community Church with a multipurpose sports floor that combined durability, design, performance, and safety for their community.


"We were outgrowing it tremendously so we just didn’t have enough space to do what we wanted to do for the children. It was just a logistics nightmare anytime you wanted to use it.”
— Robert P. Gay, Executive Pastor at Crane Eater Community Church

"Right now this new space, we’re using it for a number of things. We are a community church and we reach out to the community. We wanted to open this facility during the week to have “freeball” where kids of the community can come shoot hoops, or do whatever they want to, so we reach out to the community that way."

— Robert P. Gay, Executive Pastor at Crane Eater Community Church 

“Everyone was blown away when they first saw the floor. As far as the floor and how it performs athletically, people have just been blown away. People have noticed that it's a lot softer on the knees and joints."

— Robert P. Gay, Executive Pastor at Crane Eater Community Church

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