Dancefloor: Durability, Performance and Style

Académie de Ballet Métropolitain Combines Performance and Practicality.

For dancers to perform at the highest level, they need a dance floor that meets the challenge.

Académie de Ballet Métropolitain was in need of a new location for their dance studio to accommodate the high demand of students. After choosing the right location, they turned their focus on the most important aspect of their new studio – the dance floor.

Their old dance floor did not provide adequate shock absorption, and therefore offered very little comfort and safety. As a result, many students experienced high levels of fatigue and overuse injuries to ankles, legs, feet and backs. Furthermore, open seams on the old floor had to be taped closed, which affected the students’ ability to glide and perform their dance routines.

Their new floor had to combine performance, comfort and practicality; withstand continuous foot traffic and daily dance classes; and fit their budget.
Their list of needs was extensive. Optimism soon grew into frustration as none of the products they researched met their demands. But they were determined to find the right floor for their new facility.

The Solution for Académie de Ballet Métropolitain

Tarkett’s 3.5 mm Dancefloor in grey exceeded their expectations

The dance floor that took the Académie de Ballet Métropolitain to the next level was Tarkett Sports’ Dancefloor.

All dancers deserve a floor they can count on. Tarkett Sports’ Dancefloor has finely tuned properties for confident footing and cushioning to reduce strain and fatigue. The technically advanced system is specifically designed for the stage and studio needs of professionals, but with inclusive pricing for everyone.

Dancefloor was the perfect choice for the Académie de Ballet Métropolitain. Its shock absorption values delivered the safety and cushioning they needed to reduce injuries and fatigue. The smooth, non-coated surface provided the proper friction levels preferred by professional dancers, and its welded seams offered a consistent surface for gliding and eliminated the need for tape.

With Dancefloor, the Académie de Ballet Métropolitain succeeded in bringing their new facility to the next level of performance, safety and design.

"The challenge with our previous dance floor was not to have a tape. The tape was actually used to glue the floors together so you can hide the seams. When dancers would dance, they would get their feet caught in it, rip off the tape. It was really not ideal or practical."

Alexis Simonot, Artistic Director at the Académie du Ballet Métropolitain in Montreal.

"Since we have had the Tarkett’s Dancefloor we have seen a decrease in the injuries sustained from our dancers. Often when dance floors are too thin, due to lack of force reduction, it made dancers more susceptible to injuries. Having a thicker dance floor provides great shock absorption. So the dancers who had been injured and had Periostitis, no longer experience them."

Alexis Simonot, Artistic Director at the Académie du Ballet Métropolitain in Montreal.

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