Omnisports HPL: Durability and Style

Plainfield Central Field House Combines Performance and Practicality

For student athletes to achieve at the highest level, they need a gym that performs at the highest level.

Plainfield Central Field House was over 20 years old with all original materials. The existing rubber sheet flooring had seams that were not bonded and were beginning to recede. The rubber surface had improper sport surface tack and glide for the multitude of sports and activities that this facility hosted such as Basketball, Volleyball, Club Ball Teams, Summer Ball and Skills Camps. The Football and Track and Field teams practiced in the Fieldhouse. The Football team focused on indoor functional training, and the Track and Field team focused on the indoor track and the integrated vault pit.

Tennis, Badminton and Pickleball players complained of too much grip on the floor. Portable bleachers were limited to one side of the Fieldhouse due to the existing floor. Their existing game lines were inadequate for how their sports program had changed and expanded over time.

Their list of needs were extensive. They had looked into competitor’s products and were unsatisfied at the limited options they had – their needs were still not going to be met with any other system proposed.

Working as a Team to Fulfill the Customer's Needs

FieldTurf had a strong existing relationship with the district. They had worked with Central Plainfield High School on several past projects. Hearing their needs, they brought in Tarkett Sports Indoor. Understanding their needs allowed us to customize a solution to exceed their expectations and ultimately proposing our SmartBuy program.

Our Technical team was involved with the technical specification, proposal, and job-site installation.

The Solution for Plainfield Central Field House
Omnisports™ HPL colors, Golden Maple Courts with Green Maple Basketball Lanes and border created a design visual no other system can match

The flooring system that took the Plainfield Central High School to the next level of athletics was Omnisports™ HPL.


By leaving the existing floor in place, they immediately realized savings financially and also kept the existing floor from being disposed of in a landfill – reducing the environmental impact of the project.

Using Tarkolay as the foundation over the existing floor, we created a ASTM F2772 Class 2 rated sports floor with the all the elements they were searching for.

Our Omnisports HPL, unique at Tarkett Sports worldwide, was designed by our technical team in order to respond to the customer's needs. The Omnsiports HPL system in dual colors, Golden Maple Courts with Green Maple Basketball Lanes and border created a design visual no other system can match.

Increased force reduction and shock absorption means a more comfortable play for their athletes. Their ball bounce is excellent, their floor is responsive and has proper sport surface properties to accommodate all sports and functional training. Their new floor system now has a uniform 500psi weight load limit, allowing them to freely move their portable bleachers throughout the space.

Bringing them the opportunity to use the SmartBuy program allowed the District to use the cooperative purchasing contract they most preferred and are comfortable with. Finally, our installation crew completed the renovation in just 4 weeks, keeping the Summer Camps on schedule to utilize the new facility.

“All the teams, from the Fieldturf, Tarkett departments, whether it's the sales team or the Technical team answered all our questions immediately. They didn't have to get back to us for any answers, they know their products and answered our questions, the same day, at the same time and it was great." 

—Paul Gonzalez, Director of Facilities, Plainfield Community Consolidated
School District 202

“The design ratio and the reaction to what people have said has just been fantastic. We totally have changed what that floor can do for our athletes. From what we've had to do in the past to where we are now, we're going to use that as more of a competition area than it was ever used in the past."

—Mark Krusz, Plainfield High School Athletic Director

“Our floor was ready for some reconditioning and we wanted to make it more for competition.  The class two rated sports floor has done great so far. You know, when you get the chance to put the shoe to the turf, and get a feel for the ability to cut, the ability for the grip, and there's actually a bit of a bounce to it from that standpoint that our athletes feel like it's a good surface for jumping and our volleyball players are happy they're not coming down on hard tile."

—Mark Krusz, Plainfield High School Athletic Director





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