A Legacy of Sports and Service

Boys and Girls Club uses Tarkett Again After 40 Years

When you renovate your gymnasium, it has something that new construction doesn’t—a history.

While a brand new gym comes with its own sense of excitement and potential, a renovation project faces an entirely different set of emotions and questions.“How do we honor our building’s legacy and prepare it for the future at the same time? How will we meet the expectations that the community already holds for this facility?”

Without a doubt, these were the types of questions Brian Meyer was asking himself when the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque was considering a new gym floor, particularly because it was to be named Meyer Court after his father and former executive director of the club, Clete Meyer. Brian took over as executive director when his father retired after 35 years of service in 1999. In addition to practical considerations, the selection of a new sports floor was deeply personal.

The legacy of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque could not be separated from the decision-making process, requiring an approach that was fundamentally different than a new construction project. The building needed to reflect how it was used in the past, which meant hosting community gatherings and meals in addition to basketball games and other sporting events. The project needed to fit within the existing maintenance budget. Most importantly, it needed to have the look, performance, and longevity that would honor Clete Meyer, a dedicated community servant. The project should embody his history of service to the youth of Dubuque, Iowa and act as a reminder of his service.

With all these considerations, Brian and the Boys and Girls Club administrative staff could not treat the decision lightly. They attempted to find an indoor sports surface that could meet the existing needs of the club and also improve its functionality and appeal for the future. When the existing floor was installed in 1972, there was less emphasis on sports flooring performance properties like shock absorption and surface friction. In many gyms at that time, carpet or other commercial flooring was installed without consideration of playability or safety. At that time, environmental factors were also less of a concern. Factors like recycling, waste, and indoor air quality were less important than they are today. The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque had to answer the question, “How would the new floor advance the club’s mission in a society that has changed drastically since the last floor was installed?”

Where did the investigation lead? Was there a surface that could meet all the requirements, or did the club have to compromise on some to get others? Continue reading to find out about the flooring option that met the needs of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque.

The Solution for the Boys and Girls Club

Omnisports 6.5 mm Installed Over the Existing Tarkett Floor

Omnisports™ 6.5 mm was the sports surface chosen to continue a legacy and carry the name Meyer Court.

In the search for a new athletic floor, the solution for Brian Meyer and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque was literally right under their feet. The existing floor had been used for nearly 40 years with no problems. If a floor could last that long and be that dependable, why not contact its manufacturer for a replacement? After removing a section from an inconspicuous area, Brian confirmed that the floor had been manufactured by Tarkett.

After a few phone calls with the Tarkett Sports team to outline his vision, Brian settled on Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports™ 6.5 mm Golden Maple court with Sky Blue keys. The Boys and Girls Club logo would be painted at center court, and, of course, the words “Meyer Court” graced the entrance. Beyond the appearance, the Boys and Girls Club gained a true athletic surface with Class 2 shock absorption per the ASTM F2772 sports flooring standard. The floor was now a safer and more comfortable floor for the after-school basketball games that frequently take place at the club. Omnisports™ is also certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It contributes to healthier indoor air quality through low VOCs and low allergen retention rates, making sure the whole community feels like getting in the game.

Omnisports™ just looks wonderful, the kids were really excited to have a new floor to play on since the last one was about 40 years old.’’

—Brian Meyer, Executive Director


In addition to sports, Omnisports™ also allows the Boys and Girls Club to continue its tradition of hosting community events. The floor can support tables and chairs without a protective covering, and its nonlinear surface embossing does not trap dirt, making it easy to clean after a community meeting or banquet. As a result, Meyer Court stays looking new without the aggressive cleaning schedule required by other sports surfaces. Rolling loads are no problem either. The Boys and Girls Club uses portable “tip and roll” bleachers for games and rolling equipment carts for other events.

‘’As a nonprofit we don’t have an unending budget to clean our floor and things of that nature. So, the low cost of the maintenance of the floor we found was very friendly to our budget.’’

—Brian Meyer, Executive Director

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the new Meyer Court is that it was installed directly over the old floor without removing it. The existing Tarkett floor had such integrity, even after nearly 40 years of use, that the Omnisports™ floor could confidently be installed on top. In a way, it is fitting that the court to honor the legacy of Clete Meyer has a legacy of its own.




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