Activity is a Part of Academic Success

The Cambridge School Finds a Home Court with Omnisports™

Time spent in the gym can be just as important to academics as time in the classroom.

The Cambridge School of San Diego, California is certainly aware of this fact. As a K-12 Classical Christian school, Cambridge focuses on physical, emotional, and spiritual growth in addition to academics. When teachers noticed that younger students would sometimes slouch in their chairs or lock their feet around the desk in front of them, they realized that it was due to a lack of core strength. The school instituted a program called Motor Lab, which is essentially a precursor to the regular physical education classes that the older children attended. It focused on balance and fine motor skills. The result was a more attentive and capable student in the classroom.

More than just primary grades, the Cambridge School applies the same philosophy to all its students—that a physically active body leads to an attentive mind. In addition to physical education programs, the Cambridge Griffins basketball, volleyball, and track teams compete in the Independent Middle School League with other unaffiliated private schools. However,one large piece was missing from the Cambridge School’s vision of fostering well-rounded young adults—a home gym.

Since Cambridge is a relatively new school, it did not have its own gymnasium when it began. Until recently, teams practiced on outdoor blacktop courts or rented facilities at a local university and elsewhere for games. This proved to be expensive and did nothing to foster that sense of community that the school sought to create. In addition, families were inconvenienced by traveling regularly to multiple locations. Administrative staff, like Director of Advancement Jeffery Yoder, knew that to fulfill their mission, the Cambridge Griffins needed their own place to call home.

After purchasing a local building, the school began renovation and sought to install a new flooring surface for sports. But not just any gym floor would do. Cambridge is a classical school, which means it has deep roots in academic tradition, but at the same time it operates in a very modern environment. The floor needed to embrace both. It needed the inspiring look of a traditional wood surface that connects to ages past, but it also needed the practical advancements that have made today’s athletic flooring safer and easier to maintain.

In addition, the flooring needed to be unique. Since the new court would be the first athletic surface owned by the Cambridge School, it carried with it an opportunity for a first impression, one that defined and characterized the school in the local community. A one-of-a-kind court would also provide the much-needed sense of community and team spirit that the Cambridge Griffins lacked in the more nomadic days of renting facilities. What sports surface did the Cambridge School choose for its first home gymnasium?


The Solution for the Cambridge School

Omnisports™ 6.5 mm Golden Maple and Dark Beech

The Cambridge School selected Omnisports™ 6.5 mm to create a unique home court for team sports and physical education.

With Omnisports™, the Cambridge School now has a safer sports surface that is appropriate for all its students, from kindergarten through 12th grade. It provides Class 2 shock absorption per ASTM F2772 that is comfortable underfoot and reduces strain. Omnisports 6.5 mm also has the proper ball rebound and surface friction for basketball, making it ideal for competitive sports or physical education. Accommodating all ages on the same surface everyday, Omnisports™ made it possible for Cambridge to realize its goal of bringing its school community together.

“Without our sports floor we would have PE out on the blacktop. It would definitely increase scraped knees and nurses’ visits. What Omnisports™ allows us to do is have a community. It has allowed us to bring our community together. I think that’s a big thing.’’

—Jeffrey Yoder

In fact, the new gym at the Cambridge School brought together more than just the school community. As it turns out, Cambridge is the only school in the Independent Middle School League that owns a gymnasium. Other schools in the league use the gym at the Cambridge School for games and events as well. For Jeffery Yoder, the school’s Director of Advancement, this is a very positive turn of events. Jeff wants everyone in San Diego to know about the Cambridge School and its mission. Having the larger community visit the school on a regular basis is a great way to educate everyone about what makes the Cambridge School unique.

The citywide exposure brought by the new gymnasium is all the more effective because the court’s design is distinct and expressive. Visitors will remember the golden maple court with a dark beech three-point arc made possible by the industry-leading Omnisports™ color selection. They will notice the Griffins logo at center court and the traditional wood grain look that connects the floor to the hardwood surfaces of basketball’s history.

Traditional hardwood courts are inextricably tied to expensive upkeep such as sanding and refinishing, but Omnisports™ provides a similar look without the hassle. Its nonlinear embossing makes it easy to clean and its TopClean XP surface treatment means it will never require recoating. The Cambridge School also found that it could host non-sporting events with ease. With proper, undamaged chair rests and table legs, Omnisports™ can accommodate furnishings without the need of a protective covering. This has allowed the new gym to become a hub of activity for the school.

“It has been the best solution for us. You can get the design you want. It is super durable. I was super nervous at first. It was so pristine, this beautiful floor. It was like a brand new car and I didn’t want any scratches to get on it. The chairs didn’t scratch it. They didn’t dig holes into it. It’s really durable.’’

—Jeffrey Yoder

The link between physical activity and academic success is undeniable. It is also undeniable that a gym can help define a school’s identity and lay the foundation for community involvement. Like the Cambridge School, you can create a space using Omnisports™ that can make these things to happen for you.




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