Introducing the
NEW Omnisports Range


Athletes Commit to the Game.
Choose the Floor that Commits to the Athlete.

Tarkett Sports has launched a complete NEW range of Omnisports™ indoor flooring. The new range includes Omnisports HPL, Omnisports 3.5 mm, Omnisports 5.5 mm, Omnisports 7.1 mm, Omnisports 9.4 mm, Omnisports 12 mm and Omnisports Lumaflex combination system and our unique patented portable Omnisports EasyCourt.

Omnisports™ meets the health standards of phthalate-free ingredients, low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Omnisports™ is certified asthma & allergy-friendly and meets the ASTM F2772 standard. It is the perfect gym floor for schools, universities and community centers, where a variety of sports or events might take place. Omnisports™ indoor flooring also accommodates any budget.

The versatility of Omnisports extends beyond just sports. With an Omnisports floor, we’re there to back up your team. 


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